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Ideas for 2011/12 School year?

posted Sep 17, 2011 22:03:59 by mama_t
Hi Everyone,

Please throw out your fundraising ideas - feel free to be creative.

What fundraisers do you like? Meat? Cookie dough? Student-made crafts? Silent auctions?

Marina - 10/11 PANDA Chair
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3 replies
mama_t said Sep 21, 2011 14:06:02
What do people think about selling the SUTP? Anyone have experience with it?
Susan Ketteringham said Sep 25, 2011 01:31:19
I wonder if we sold 'copying' whether it would work? Give the school their 3 or 4 cents per and then charge the 'customer' 10 cents?
mama_t said Sep 28, 2011 00:03:28
Fun idea! Sold to whom? Advertise copying services in the school newsletter?
Sadly, the leasing agreement on the copiers would likely prohibit selling copies.
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